1.  Registered entitled Trust

  Aashi Foundation is registered as a not-for-profit Trust with the Charity Commissioner, Ahmedabad Region (Registration No.               E/20124 , Ahmedabad, 19st Dec. 2012)

  Director of Income Tax (Exemptions) U/S 80G (Registration No. DIT (E)/AHD/80G(5)/AF/475/2013-14 dated 05.12.2013)

  U/S 12A of the Income Tax Act, 1961 (Registration No. DIT (E) Ahd/12AA/AF/376/2013-14. Dated 08/08/2013)

  Aashi Foundation is not yet registered with FCRA. Therefore, we cannot accept foreign donations; We only accept donation               from Non-Resident Indians only through bank account operational in India.

  Every donator will receive valid receipt for their tax benefit.

2.  Accounting practices and external auditing

  Accounting is carried out on a daily basis.

  Our Chartered Accountants examine our cash flow quarterly and conduct detailed financial auditing at the end of the

financial year.

  All our Annual Report including our financial statement is available online.

  Click Here to download current and previous Annual Reports.

3.  Donor will receive detailed feedback on how their contribution was used.

  Every feedback report will accompany with a photograph of a person who received contribution.

  Also, these Feedback Report will be available online for examination for transparency to future donors.

  Click Here to see sample feedback report.

4.  100% of all the money earned goes directly towards the charitable cause*

  *If the donor chose the Bank Money Transfer or payment through cheque/demate draft.

  If donor used payment gateway then we deduct 3% to cover up the transaction fee charged by the payment gateway service


5.  Donors have choices of options from various causes and they can choose how exactly they want their contribution to be

used. For example, sponsoring a wheelchair to disabled child or paying tuition fee of intelligent unprivileged child.