Our Work


Cap Distribution

Random Act of Kindness in heat of summer- Distributed more than 700 caps to labourers riding a cycle rickshaw in such extreme heat and construction site workers.


Women’s Day Celebration

Celebrate Women’s day with Manav Sadhna. They took up an outstanding initiative for slum women which included various activities and awareness programs. More than 500+ women showed up in the celebration and they were all overwhelmed with joy.


Spending a day with Intellectually Disabled people

Spreading smiles to leprosy afflicated and mentally retarded people at Sahyog Kushtha Yagna Trust.

“Don’t LAUGH at us, LAUGH with us”


Spare a Smile?

Film by Aashi foundation. Message conveyed in film is: We might not have value of those SPARE COINS lying around in desk drawers or in pant/shirt's pocket, but they certainly have the power to SPARE A SMILE in someone's life!

Spare a smile? aka Cost of a SMILE - was the only Indian short film which got screening with other International award winning films at Shamiana - The Short Film Club in 2013.


Flood Relief Campaign


We took up an initiative to help people who have suffered from floods in Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand. We sent out a truck load full of old clothes, woolen/blanket, torches, cooking utensils, buckets, food packets, medicines and first-aid kits to make sure disrupted lives of these states can be brought back to stability.


Feeding the Hungry

Provided free lunch and mangoes to more than 650 slum families.


Dinner with Cerebral Palsy kids at Chokhi Dhani

We took 35 cerebral palsy kids along with their parent to Chokhi Dhani restaurant, which is spread over more than 15000 sq. meters of open land, and they entertain activities like puppet show, small kids rides, horse-cart riding, camel riding, and many more. These kids come from unprivileged families. Hence, these kids have not really seen much out of their home, training center and hospital. Our aim is to give these kids a small break out of their daily routine and thorny life, so they can have a day full of amusement, and can also build self-confidence to face the society.


Spreading Smiles at Behra Munga Shala Andhshala

We distributed uniforms to 20 poorest students at the Behra Munga Shala Andhshala (Institution for Deaf, Dumb and Blind)