Slide1 Helping the helpless:

Each year, about a million new orphans are added to the society. Orphanages are filled with abandoned children and million more wander the streets just doing what they can to survive..

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Slide2 Break the Cycle of Poverty through Education:

Out of 440 million children population, More than 13 million children under age eighteen live in families with incomes below the poverty line. They have a 'will' to be in school, but have no 'way'..

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Slide3 Disability is not Inability:

India is home to about over 70 million disabled people, which is about 6% of the population; out of which 15 million are blind and about 15 million are deaf or with hearing impairment..

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About Us
Aashi Foundation is a registered non-profit organization working to uplift the lives of underprivileged kids, their families & communities.
To empower unprivileged through education, advocate a better quality of life, radiate love, touch lives and spread some smiles.
We envision a world where indigents attain the right to survival, ensure equal opportunity and hold the power to break the cycle of poverty.
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