Random Act of Kindness


Kindness does not cost a penny. It is more of an emotion than an activity. We have initiated a series of random acts of kindness, where we address the needs of the people who actually need help. This is to ensure that they retain their faith in humanity apart from smiling from ear to ear. We partake in many activities right from distribution of basic necessities to making people self sufficient.

A major reason to start this initiative of random acts of kindness is so that people don’t lose faith in humanity and their needs are met with. A person from an underprivileged walk of life has got very basic needs. Needs that can be fulfilled easily when the society comes together. This initiative is also targeted to raise awareness in the society that a single act of kindness towards a deserving person can help the person achieve a lot. This achievement can be in the terms of life goals or just purely to live a peaceful life.

A basic act of distributing hygiene goods for people to lead a normal healthy life to helping them set up some vocational employment are some of the things that we cover under the random acts of kindness. Some acts include holding informative campaigns to help people get over addictions as well.

A few of these random acts of kindness are mentioned below:

  • Distribution of Clothes, Hygiene stuff (toothpaste, brush, soap, sanitary pads), Medicines, Toys, Books, etc. in slums and rural areas
  • Distribute food in various slum areas in Diwali and other major festivals
  • Organize various entertaining programs, like dinner events, picnics, movie shows, dance sessions, etc. for kids with physical/mental disabilities and orphans
  • Financial assistance to orphanages, old age homes and organizations working for physically challenged, blind, deaf or mentally disabled people
  • Disaster relief campaigns
  • Anti-Smoking campaigns
  • Donate sewing machines to women in rural areas and widows to make them self-sufficient
  • Provide assistive devices (wheelchair, crutches artificial limb, hearing aids, etc.) to needy differently-abled people